Jarod and Melody | Wedding Film - Big Sur, CA

We had the most amazing time filming up in Big Sur, CA.  Jarod and Melody were one of the most down to earth couples I’ve ever met.  They are also the first couple I’ve seen sleep in a tent the nights leading up to their wedding.  How freaking sweet is that?  

When they asked me to film their wedding and drive up 8 hours north to stay for 2 nights I said.  Ummm ok, let me think about…ABSOLUTELY YES!  Driving down the coast line into Big Sur had to be the most epic 30 miles of my life.  I instantly regretted not buying an extra 8 drone batteries.  

Our first night there we got to embark in a taco fiesta for Cinco De Mayo and snap off a couple shots of the family checking out the entire venue as well as some awesome B Roll shots of the campground.  

Wedding Day

8am - They had the great idea of going on a morning hike to say their vows privately.  This was every wedding videographers dream.   Nothing like 1.5 hours alone with the couple taking in every opportunity you can!

1pm - We set up all the getting ready shots in 2 separate wooden cabins that nestled perfectly in their locations.  

3pm The ceremony was held in the woods off a path from the campground.  At the altar was a circle of 100 ft Redwood trees that waved in the wind and made such a beautiful whistling sound, you had to be there to experience how epic it really was.  I stood in awe for about 2 minutes by myself before even pressing record.   

6pm The reception just made the day better and better.  Instead of a typical tent reception, they were able to rent out the entire back deck of the Fernwood Resort which had Redwood trees growing all around and actually through the floor.  It made for an authentic one of a kind wedding that was peaceful, intimate and so incredibly fun.  

Cheers to Jarod and Melody and may God bless the both of you abundantly.