Do the Dew.


Norway was freaking epic!  Last week I had the privilege to work with Orcavue and the reps from Mountain Dew at the X games in Oslo Norway.  It was an unforgettable experience to say the least.  I learned real quickly how to drive the snow...up a mountain...and survive.  Every second I was there I witnessed another breath-taking view better than the last, and we only scratched the surface of what all of Norway has to offer.  The crew that we got to work with were literally one of my favorite groups of people ever!  They were super hospitable, loving, caring and soo much fun to be around. 

One thing I can take away from this trip is the mindset to seek adventure, seek other cultures, and seek relationships with people that will encourage you and push you further.  It was an honor to get paid to travel and see a different culture with my own eyes,  but if there's one thing I believe American's can do better, it's to expose themselves to how the rest of the world works, even if that means Googling it, because honestly, European's are doing a lot of things more efficiently and with a bigger heart for their community and their country.  Open your eyes, open your heart, and Do the Dew.