Be quick on your feet.

I had such a fun time filming Brandon & Kayce's wedding.  Most wedding's are fun but still considered work...and they're long.  Really long.  I decided to go into this wedding with vengeance.  Without knowing the couple at all and never talking with them I have very limited time to build trust and a connection.  There's nothing worse than having a random guy you don't know put a camera in your face, even if you hired him.  First thing I shot were the groomsmen and I had about 3 minutes to show 7 guys that are taller than me, more athletic and better looking, that I know what I'm doing.   One thing you must do immediately is break the ice.  So of course I asked a guy to get "some Kanye up in this B" and whip out your best GQ pose.  That's the golden ticket.  Within seconds everyone's laughing, opening up and coming up with ideas on how to pose and they're telling me what to do which I LOVE.  The mannequin challenge was then called out and I couldn't have been more happy with the result.  These guys killed it.   I think I shot this two or three times through before we got a perfect take and they never moved an inch!  Remember humans are designed to connect.  We're attracted to relationship because God's attracted to relationship. Shyness is just our own insecurities, it's not a character trait God gave us.  So get out of your box today,  love on someone even if you feel dumb ;).  "For the spirit that God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self discipline. " - 2 Timothy 1:7