Jarod and Melody | Wedding Film - Big Sur, CA

We had the most amazing time filming up in Big Sur, CA.  Jarod and Melody were one of the most down to earth couples I’ve ever met.  They are also the first couple I’ve seen sleep in a tent the nights leading up to their wedding.  How freaking sweet is that?  

When they asked me to film their wedding and drive up 8 hours north to stay for 2 nights I said.  Ummm ok, let me think about…ABSOLUTELY YES!  Driving down the coast line into Big Sur had to be the most epic 30 miles of my life.  I instantly regretted not buying an extra 8 drone batteries.  

Our first night there we got to embark in a taco fiesta for Cinco De Mayo and snap off a couple shots of the family checking out the entire venue as well as some awesome B Roll shots of the campground.  

Wedding Day

8am - They had the great idea of going on a morning hike to say their vows privately.  This was every wedding videographers dream.   Nothing like 1.5 hours alone with the couple taking in every opportunity you can!

1pm - We set up all the getting ready shots in 2 separate wooden cabins that nestled perfectly in their locations.  

3pm The ceremony was held in the woods off a path from the campground.  At the altar was a circle of 100 ft Redwood trees that waved in the wind and made such a beautiful whistling sound, you had to be there to experience how epic it really was.  I stood in awe for about 2 minutes by myself before even pressing record.   

6pm The reception just made the day better and better.  Instead of a typical tent reception, they were able to rent out the entire back deck of the Fernwood Resort which had Redwood trees growing all around and actually through the floor.  It made for an authentic one of a kind wedding that was peaceful, intimate and so incredibly fun.  

Cheers to Jarod and Melody and may God bless the both of you abundantly.


Side By Side

Yesterday I was inspired to go revisit a shoot I did with an awesome couple, Lauren & Josh.  We did a life style shoot for my friend Rachael who is an outstanding photographer here in San Diego.  This shoot was super special to me because it was my very FIRST shoot with the Sony A7s ii and I have to say, it was rough. 

If you don't already know, the Sony A7s ii shoots a beautiful 4k image but what they don't tell you is, it dims the screen dramatically when you do.  This ignorance forced me to over expose my shots and it was super tough to color grade.

10 months later, I've learned so much about my camera, color correction and color grading, that it blew me away to see what I can do in 50 minutes compared to the painful hours upon hours it took me to color grade the first time.  So I've decided to share with you some really helpful tips I've learned along the way that should save you some time. 

1. If you have a Sony A7s ii, I shoot 1080p 60fps, in SLog2 with Gamma Assist on.

 - This keeps the screen bright, it shoots at a high speed, it gives me a ton of Dynamic Range and I can see pretty much what my final output will look like.  Shooting in 1080p still looks really good as long as you have a great lens in front of it.

2.  Color Correct First! -  I'm the biggest hypocrite of them all.  I always want to start grading first and messing around but trust me after doing weddings after weddings, I'm learning that you don't have time to play around.  Be professional and save yourself so much time. 
Quick TIP**** I always add white bars to my entire project, this makes sure my eye can see what true white looks like and helps me white balance and correct a lot faster.

3.  Time for Grading - When every shoot looks corrected and matched to the next, it's time to have fun.  Now that every shot is matched you can add LUT's or create your own grade that creates the mood of the film. If you color corrected correctly, your grade or LUT should look perfect on pretty much every shot. 

4.  Leave and Come Back - It always helps to frequently leave your computer, grab a bite, or skate to get a coffee because you're addicted to caffeine... or whatever you do, and come back to your grade because most likely, you got excited and you over did it.  When you come back to a project often, you have fresh eyes that will allow you to tweak every shadow, midtone, highlight, saturation, lut, etc.  to their correct place.

5.  Have fun - As always, keep shooting, keep trying new things, you can't find what you really like unless you try a lot of different styles.  Ask me any questions if you have them! I love sharing what I know and what I have absolutely no idea about. 

6.  To see the new edit, check out my lifestyle page HERE.


Do the Dew.


Norway was freaking epic!  Last week I had the privilege to work with Orcavue and the reps from Mountain Dew at the X games in Oslo Norway.  It was an unforgettable experience to say the least.  I learned real quickly how to drive stick...in the snow...up a mountain...and survive.  Every second I was there I witnessed another breath-taking view better than the last, and we only scratched the surface of what all of Norway has to offer.  The crew that we got to work with were literally one of my favorite groups of people ever!  They were super hospitable, loving, caring and soo much fun to be around. 

One thing I can take away from this trip is the mindset to seek adventure, seek other cultures, and seek relationships with people that will encourage you and push you further.  It was an honor to get paid to travel and see a different culture with my own eyes,  but if there's one thing I believe American's can do better, it's to expose themselves to how the rest of the world works, even if that means Googling it, because honestly, European's are doing a lot of things more efficiently and with a bigger heart for their community and their country.  Open your eyes, open your heart, and Do the Dew. 

Find your sanctuary.

I am 100% obsessed with winter.  More precisely, the snow.  We went up to shoot a photoshoot in Forest Falls, CA recently and it was the first snowfall I witnessed this year and whenever I get close to snow, I freak out.  I don't know what it is but something deep in my soul rejoices and I let out this ridiculous shriek like a 5 year old child.  There's something about the beautiful combination of mountains, trees and snow that creates complete peace. And I realized it's so crucial to always find time to visit your sanctuary.  That is, the place you can escape distraction, escape the routine, escape any stress, and acknowledge God in all of His glory.  A sanctuary is built to create an atmosphere of refuge, peace and a sense of sacredness devoted to God.  It is here where you gain clarity, strength, healing, love, and purpose.  My sanctuary without a doubt is being out in the ocean, and the snow.  Where's yours? Let me know!

Be quick on your feet.

I had such a fun time filming Brandon & Kayce's wedding.  Most wedding's are fun but still considered work...and they're long.  Really long.  I decided to go into this wedding with vengeance.  Without knowing the couple at all and never talking with them I have very limited time to build trust and a connection.  There's nothing worse than having a random guy you don't know put a camera in your face, even if you hired him.  First thing I shot were the groomsmen and I had about 3 minutes to show 7 guys that are taller than me, more athletic and better looking, that I know what I'm doing.   One thing you must do immediately is break the ice.  So of course I asked a guy to get "some Kanye up in this B" and whip out your best GQ pose.  That's the golden ticket.  Within seconds everyone's laughing, opening up and coming up with ideas on how to pose and they're telling me what to do which I LOVE.  The mannequin challenge was then called out and I couldn't have been more happy with the result.  These guys killed it.   I think I shot this two or three times through before we got a perfect take and they never moved an inch!  Remember humans are designed to connect.  We're attracted to relationship because God's attracted to relationship. Shyness is just our own insecurities, it's not a character trait God gave us.  So get out of your box today,  love on someone even if you feel dumb ;).  "For the spirit that God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self discipline. " - 2 Timothy 1:7