J|Lick Studios started with myself, Jimmy Lick, yup that guy up there with the camera.  In 2011 I graduated with a bachelors degree in music and a masters degree in multimedia at Duquesne University, but I fell in love with shooting and editing videos when some friends and I stopped working on homework and started a webisode based extreme sports show called JoyRiders.TV (Google it if you need a laugh).    From there I developed not only a passion for shooting content,  but a passion for building genuine relationships with clients and providing the best possible service for others. 

     At J|Lick Studios we strive to make high quality short films for weddings, real estate, promotions and any brand who is interested in a sleek, high-end online video to compliment their business.  We guarantee to develop ideas and bring a creative touch to your story in order to capture and produce an amazing product. 

     Please feel free to check out some samples of our work and/or contact us for information on a personal estimate.

Jimmy Lick
Founder of J | Lick Studios